Zucchini Hummus

Try Zucchini Hummus – It’s basically the same basic idea as Baba Ganoush, the smoky Middle Eastern eggplant dip – but made with zucchini instead.

Grilled or roasted, the zucchini is pureed with fresh garlic cloves, lemon juice, herbs and tahini paste. You can even substitute avocado for the sesame paste! Simple and fast, it can be served warm or cold. Use it to dip soft grilled pita bread, or spread it in a wrap with grilled meat or veggies. It makes for a delicious, gluten-free, low carb, vegan spread, dip or side.

INGREDIENTS (Yields approx. 2 cups):

  •  700 grams zucchini – grilled or roasted
  • 2-3 Cloves garlic
  • ⅛ Cup lemon juice – plus more to taste
  • ¼ Cup sesame paste (or sub ½ an avocado)
  • ½ tsp salt, more to taste
  • ½ tsp fine cracked pepper
  • ¼ C or more fresh herbs (optional) flat-leaf parsley, mint or both
  • 1 T olive oil – Garnish (optional)


  1. Cut zucchini into ½ inch thick strips, brush with a little olive oil and grill on medium heat until charred and tender. Place in foil for a few minutes to let them steam and get more tender. (Alternately zucchini may be roasted in the oven until tender. If you have very large zucchini with thick skin, you can half it lengthwise, roast in the oven and then scoop out the flesh, leaving the skin out, if necessary)
  2. Place the grilled zucchini along with the rest of the ingredients ( except the oil) in a food processor, and puree until relatively smooth. If you roasted the zucchini you could try adding a little smoked paprika to give it a little smokiness if you like. Serve it in a bowl, making a little circular “well” using a spoon, and drizzle a little olive oil in the well. Serve either warm or chilled.